Marian Vybostok’s site

Hi, i’m Marian and I will try to share here my small steps in my three hobbies.

  • Jeep Willys MB
  • Atari 8 bit hardware and software
  • deejaying – my greatest passion and job

There is probably a breaking moment in every humans life, that makes you look backward, what you planned and what you really achieved. I had recently one of those moments, when I discovered I work a lot but don’t have time for my hobbies. Some projects laying over 10 years in the drawer. Car standing 2 years in garage. The feeling that it has to change, made me to start my website.

Recently I met some old friends that I’ve not seen over 5 to 20 years, and met some new people. Now I did not feel alone, when You know, there are still some individuals that have passion for old computers, like to develop for the dead platforms, and push the limits higher and higher.

I will share my work here in english. And try to publish Slovak versions on portal.

Maybe there are people around the world that will be interested in my stuff too. I have recently found many of my old “in the drawer” ideas around the net as someone else got the same idea maybe with different approach.

I am open for cooperation in new ideas, as there are only few of us left.